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We believe in advancing technology with our innovative approach, skilled teams, and curated tools for agile and tailored business functionality.

Our Solutions

Accelerate your platform development with our solution approach and gain a competitive edge with our full-stack software and infrastructure services.


Empower your platform development with our innovative approach, skilled teams, and curated tools.

Industry Cloud
Platform Development

Full-stack software, platform, AI/ML and infrastructure services for agile and tailored business functionality.

Cognitive Services

Gain a competitive edge through faster, more accurate future decisions and optimize business operations in real time.

Our Services

Maximize your cloud potential with data and revolutionize your business with our expert consulting services in product development, analytics, comprehensive strategy and technology solutions for AI and automation.

Cloud & Application

Unlock the full potential of the cloud with our expert services in migration, product development, and management.

Data And Analytics

Unlock the power of your data with our expertise in analytics, data science, and data fabric implementations.


Revolutionize your business with our AI and automation solutions for improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

Platform & Security

Simplify your hybrid cloud management & security with our comprehensive strategy and technology solutions.

Our Competencies

Our digital transformation expertise brings value and improves performance for various industries and businesses.

Our Industry Expertise

Transform your business with our digital expertise and industry experience for cost savings, increased agility, and enhanced innovation



Cloud, automation, analytics, and AI can lower costs, improve efficiency and margins, and offer personalized recommendations to customers.


Patient care, facilitate telehealth, enable data analytics, ensure interoperability, manage electronic health records, support population health management, and streamline medical billing.


Streamline processes, revolutionize the business models and offerings, and drive innovation using IoT and AI.


Development of Websites and mobile apps, search engine optimization, and social media marketing can attract customers and increase sales. AI/ML can improve personalization, inventory management, and fraud detection.
Energy And Utilities

Energy and Utilities

Development of platforms and ecosystems enables companies to streamline their operations, decrease their emissions, and improve the overall experience for their customers.

Our Partnerships

We work with our partners to help you scale efficiently and achieve your goals


Shared Successful Experiences

Maithri Team is very knowledgeable in video, streaming, ads, machine learning areas. Their lean and agile team helped in building our cut to live And Streaming solution in AWS in an accelerated way.
Bijal Sutaria, VP of Product and Engineering
Wurl Inc
We worked together closely for 20+ years, directly and indirectly. They are experts on Telecom, Security and Cloud technologies. Very passionate and dedicated on whom one can rely on to roll out products and lead teams.
Murthy Chintalapati
Murthy Chintalapati, CEO
Ozonetel Inc